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Beyond the Secret Garden

beyond the secret garden

Beyond the Secret Garden was made in response to the Quilting Arts "Doorway to Imagination" challenge.

The rustic cottage door spoke to me the first time I saw it.  My mind could just imagine an old English cottage in the countryside covered in rose vines, and encircled by a bountiful flower garden in full bloom.   Since I didn’t want it to be a doorway to nowhere, I decided that it would go to an imaginary land where fairies and other imaginary creatures live, and all things are possible.

I was going for an old cottage look, so I started with a piece of my hand dyed fabric that reminded me of salmon colored stucco.  Expandable paint was used to give the stonework dimension, and an acrylic glaze added realistic shading.  Since I wanted the garden to be overflowing with flowers, silk ribbon embroidery was used for the flowers, and acrylic paint was dry brushed on the stone pathway.   A picture was printed on fabric and secured in place with satin stitch.  The door is made from stabilized soy silk paper, with a transparency window, and it is hinged to the background with silk ribbon stitches.  Beads were used for the door knobs and as an embellishment for the ribbon closure.  The layers were stitched together, turned, and then it was hand quilted.


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