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Flower Show Quilts Classes

From half day to full, and two day classes, students work on projects and / or techniques from my book, Flower Show Quilts, customized to the venue and class length. See Sample Lesson Plans (.pdf) to see some of the possibilities, and contact me with your requests.

Techniques classes are intended to teach specific techniques, instead of focusing on a specific project. In these, each student may plan to work on a different project, but they are all learning the same technique, such as my methods for foundation piecing, fusible applique, turned-edge applique, or quilting. Making miters my way and other quilting techniques could also be combined for other class possibilities.


Creative Twist

A new and on-going bi-monthly class for exploring all types of surface design and quilting. Each class is developed to teach a technique that is of interest to the current students. Of course, the individual classes or projects could be repeated as a regular class, if requested.

Free motion embroidery and lace techniques on water soluble stabilizers was the subject for the February class. April it was raw-edge, reverse applique, done my way.

In the June and August classes we will be working on Water quilts, as it requires two classes to cover everything, and it will give the students time to complete work started in the first class, so they are ready for the second class.

Water quilt

(Click here for larger pictures)


Artistic Free Motion

artistic free motion sample quilt

Come learn to free-motion quilt! A large collection of quilting motifs and fill patterns will be demonstrated, followed by your working on practice quilt sandwiches to begin or expand your free-motion quilting styles. If you wish, you may also start a free-motion stitch sampler to use for ideas when you are working on quilts in the future.


Adding Texture and Dimension or

Details Make the Difference

summer bounty qult

This primarily a technique class, that includes the pattern for Summer's Bounty, which can be created after you have learned techniques by making samples in class.  We will be learning several different ways to enhance your projects with contour stitching, leaves, grapes, wood / weaving, as well as a little bit of painting (optional).  Many different types of materials can be used when quilting by machine to enhance the look of your quilt.


Fall Basket quilt

Come play and learn in this fun class.  Learn how to weave and paint fabric for baskets, quilt / embroider leaf and flower edges and details, and even add beads to your flower centers.  We will even work on the quilting designs that are used in the “Fall Basket” quilt, so you will have all the techniques needed to make your own. Fall Basket pattern included.


Free motion thread lace

basket sponge threadlace

This is a creative technique class where students create a one of a kind design such as leaves, waves (water quilt), a basket sponge (fish quilt), sea pen (fish quilt), or anything else that the student wishes to use the technique for. If the stitching is done close enough, it can become a stand alone embroidery. For a more open look, sheer fabrics can be incorporated. This basket sponge is just one example of what can be done with the technique. Once completed, the lace or embroidery can be applied to your project.


Heavenly Hearts

Heavenly Hearts quilt

In this four block sampler you will be learning a different technique with each block.  The blocks included are:  1) weaving, 2) creating fabric with fabric and thread scraps, 3) crazy patch, and 4) embroidery in a hoop.  Each class we will be creating 2 of the blocks and instructions will be given for the completed wall hanging.


Let's Eat

Let's Eat placemat side ALet's Eat placemat side B

Make a colorful set of 6 reversible placemats with raw edge appliqué and piecing.  Use some of those fancy stitches on your sewing machine and some of those beautiful metallic and rayon threads that you have wanted to try.  Side A has a place setting and side B has basic shapes, such as oval, triangle and circle.  Make both sides, or make only the side you like best, and leave the other as a crazy patch!   We will appliqué the center blocks, then slice them and put them back together using your machine’s built-in embroidery stitches, then add side borders in the same way, for a quilt with no ¼” seams.
For this class, it is essential that you come to class with your fabrics pre-cut, as all 6 are constructed at the same time, although you can save time by choosing to do only one design on the front, as they will still have a fractured design on the reverse.


Sunflower Garden

Sunflower Garden quilt

Make a colorful Sunflower Garden of your own using raw edge appliqué and piecing.   We will appliqué blocks, then slice them and put them back together using your machine’s built-in embroidery stitches, for a quilt with no ¼” seams. You can even put the binding on with raw edges and a little machine embroidery.  This quilt is constructed in a similar way to the Let’s Eat placemats, differently than the way we usually put the pieces together, and I find it a fun technique to use on smaller projects.


Online Classes:

Artistic Free Motion

artistic free motion sample quilt

The online version of my Artistic Free Motion class breaks the class into 4 weekly lessons, with a short video accompanying the first lesson so you can see me quilt (with a narrative). The advantage of taking an online class is being able to fit it into your schedule, printing the lessons, watching the video (which you can repeat as often as you like) and working at your own pace, then communicating via the class forum. Instead of haing only one day to do everything, you have a month to do your homework and ask all the questions you would like, and after the class is over, you will still have your class materials to refer to.



Embellishing and special touches

Have you ever had a picture in your mind that you wanted to make into a quilt, but found it was missing something when it was done?  Maybe it just needs a little touch of something to make it seem more real, to draw the eye to an area, or just to add some highlights or sparkle.  Sometimes, you need to go in an entirely different direction, and add another layer.  Make it sing with color, texture, and other special techniques.

Power Point presentation showing tools and techniques for my fusion painted quilts, fabric stamping, and other ideas.  I will also bring stamps and paints that I use for display, as well as a variety of quilts, although not all will incorporate these techniques.

Trunk Show

Trunk show and lecture with qults from my pattern line LAM Designs, as well as more of my favorite quilts. Some of the quilts have been made in more than one colorway, or fabric style, so you will be able to see the difference that fabric choices make. Also included will be a few of my early quilts, and some of my one of a kind art quilts.



Dragonfly Pond

Dragonfly Pond quilt

Get ready for summer with dragonflies and water lilies on a one-block wall quilt.  We will stitch the background block, add borders and fuse dragonflies and water lilies during the first class.  In the second class, we will free-motion embroider the edges of the appliqués and begin quilting. 

The two classes are usually given a week apart, but have also been done two days back to back, with students doing their quilting on a practice quilt sandwich during part of the second day, if they have not completed their quilt top yet, and could also be a one day class if only the quilting or the piecing / appliqué is your interest, or more prep work is completed before class.


Other possibilities

If you’re looking for something different, I have also done some crazy quilting, with a large one still in progress, fabric dyeing and painting for details to add to a quilt, such as a hand or bird, beading, flowers, scrollwork, and love to use many different techniques.   For classes that use supplies that are difficult to find, some tools / supplies could be purchased from me, and other supplies may be used with a supply / kit fee.